Linen Hall,
162-168 Regent Street,
Soho,W1B 5TF

Mob: 0784 7588 343

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Benefits of therapy 

-         Accomplish goals that enrich your life

-         Become better at planning and decision making

-         Build resilience

-         Clarify what’s important to you and gain a fresh perspective

-         Encourages you to expand your comfort zone and enables you to take progressive steps at your own pace

-         Enjoy increased self-esteem and confidence

-         Enhance your relationships

-         Experience less stress

-         Feel better physically and more connected spiritually

-         Gain a clearer understanding of what is important to you and how you want to live your life

-         Improve your communication skills

-         Improve your work/life balance

-         Keeps you accountable on what’s important to you while you achieve your goals

-         Know yourself better

-         Navigate the daily demands of your job and home life

-         Non-judgemental and confidential support to explore your own life and mind

-         Support while adapting to change

-         Understand how you work and where you get stuck