Having a strong academic background combined with vast working experience helped me inform the way I think about the complexity and potential of the human mind and the way I approach human development, relationships, spirituality and in broader terms mental health and wellbeing. 

As a therapist I am here to help you improve your wellbeing, make positive changes and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. My aim is to offer you a private and confidential space where you will feel confident to express your concerns and explore your difficulties. 


My work is rooted in my belief that we heal and thrive in relationships where we feel understood and accepted as who we are. I believe in working collaboratively with my clients and I view the quality of the working relationship as the most important component of therapy. 


I believe in personal and professional development through self-awareness. I draw heavily on psychodynamic approach which uncovers blind spots, identifies, and confronts the hidden sources of difficulties. Also, I am a strong believe of what is not well explored tends to be re-enacted in the present. Therefore, I embrace a more relational approach which then enhances the insight and develops better, healthier ways of relating to oneself and others through a focus on the client/therapist relationship. When necessary, I incorporate skills based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and coaching techniques. 

The focus of integrating all these approaches is on reducing negative symptoms while exploring issues related to identity (cultural, sexual, career, life transitions) and relationships (peers, intimates, family) to promote a more authentic experience of oneself. My aim is to support you to discover who you are at your core by exploring the very issues that are blocking your true nature. My philosophy is that combining elements from different approaches works best.