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What is your relationship with fear? Anxiety? Worry?

What is your relationship with fear? Anxiety? Worry? Do negative feelings, worrisome thoughts pop into your head when you hear these words? Will you allow yourself to be fixated upon a fear? Fear is a developmental and instinctual survival mechanism, but it is not always that smart. Fear is repetitive and boring. Fear only dictates one word, STOP. Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them.

Do you want to build your life on an entirely boring feeling? Fear hates uncertain outcomes, and this is where it gives birth to worry. Worry, a high-end haute couture version of fear trying desperately to balance things up and create certainty without realising that it only generates even more fear and worrying of losing the plasmatic safety that has been created. How futile! Why avoid fear? Yes, it will give you a temporary relief, but in reality you maintain it and it only gets stronger and comes and gets you. Why then allow an emotion as such to rule your life?

Do you have the courage to face the corrosive effects of fear and corruptive effects of uncertainty? To accept and connect with these feelings without resisting? What about allowing fear and worry to live, breath and stretch their legs comfortably, the less you fight the less they fight back. You can do this in the presence of a supportive and encouraging therapist.


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